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letter from the owner

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My name is Donna J. McGrath and I am the founder and President of Wee Care Day Care and Learning Centre. My company first opened its doors in August of 1988. That day we cared for twelve children. It was the most momentous day of my life. It was the day that twelve parents said “We trust you to take care of our children while we are away.” That was the day I knew I could never turn back and never, ever forget the heavy responsibility that I had accepted. I am the mother of four children. My belief and value system on how I operate my company revolves around one simple fact: I want all of the children left in our care taken care of the same way I would want my own children cared for.
That is it, pure and simple. The philosophy of our company is to provide the highest quality of care to the children during the time that they are not able to be with their parents or guardians. While it is not our purpose to act as surrogate parents/guardians, it is our responsibility to extend the limits of each child’s environment to the end that we are able to help each child develop into happy, healthy human beings. The goal of our program is to enable children to play, explore and grow in creative, happy and healthy ways. We want to help children experience intellectual growth and educational stimulation. We strive to enable the children to become emotionally sound and socially well-adjusted and to acquire physical well-being. We want to provide guidance and information for the parents or guardians, other providers and the community-at-large for the benefit of all the children.
Our commitment to high quality standards in relation to serving children, their parents or guardians and the community-at-large have become our trademarks. The Wee Care team believes that a picture is worth a thousand words. We would like to invite you to visit any of our facilities to see our team in action. We look forward to continuing to serve your children with the safe, quality care that they deserve.
Donna J. McGrath